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My experience with Homeschooling 🤓

If you follow me, or any of my parents on our social media or even if you know us personally, then you will probably, already know that I was homeschooled for my last 2 years of school. 

Growing up, I have always been used to changing schools every 1 – 2 years and never really having long lasting friends due to having a very nomadic life / family. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am in no way, shape or form complaining about this, because thanks to this lifestyle I have been able to visit almost every single province in Spain and 26 countries. And I am only 18 years old. I am extremely PRIVILEGED to have been able to live like this and I fail to completely comprehend the amount of people that have not been able travel out of their country or even their city… 

The longest I have continuously attended a school in my life was around 4 years. From April-May 2013 up until June 2017. It was a British Private School in Spain, and there, I learnt to speak English in less than 1 year. When I came into that school, my English level was -10, almost one year later, +10. I am infinitely grateful for my parents, because they offered and provided me with a bright and prosperous future, and for that I really could not be more thankful. 

In June 2017, I finished my IGCSE’s and after wrapping up my Year 11 and passing all of my IGCE’s successfully, my parents and I decided that homeschooling was the next step for me. 

We contacted Oxford Homeschooling and asked for information and the requirements in order to make it into their program. Less than one day after sending out the email with my IGCSE grades, I was in! It was such a joyful moment because finally I was going to be able to travel and see my father more regularly (my father lived outside of Spain, the country in which I was living full time with my mum) Being homeschooled meant that I was going to be able to see my father every month, for a full month. So into it I went. Now, I will not lie and try to sugar coat this; homeschooling IS TOUGH AF. You are responsible for your schedules, your free time… and to leave that into my hands, a teenager addicted to social media at that time… it was kind of a mistake and I will not deny that. 😅

The three subjects I chose for my A Levels were: Business Studies, Psychology and Economics, all of them Advanced. They are my three most favourite subjects and to be able to pursue them all, was so amazing! I loved all of my three subjects but oh lord… psychology was tougher than anything I had studied before…

The first year, I did not do SHIT! I was procrastinating left and right, for the life of me I couldn’t get myself to do my assignments or to even open up the fucking books… So I just finished my TMA’s (Tutor Marked Assignments) the day before and sometimes even the day OF the marking. So yeah… It was bad. Although to be honest, for how little I was doing and studying, I didn’t fail too many TMA’s, maybe like 3-4 in the totality of both AS and A Level.  (of course I am not saying that failing 3-4 TMA’s isn’t bad itself. Just saying that for how much of a LAZY ASS I was, surprisingly I wasn’t failing all of them)

So, December 2018 came,  5 and a half months before my A Levels, and I was SHITTING my pants. I started doing my flashcards, revision notes… Everything and anything I found online that said it would help me learn everything (2 years of knowledge) in 5 months in preparation for my A Levels, I did. And trust me when I say that, said rushing, lasted for like 3 hours… Then, somehow I convinced myself that I was in NO rush whatsoever and that I could calmly study as months went by. I was doing some mock papers, revision every now and then, my TMA’s.  But I was as calm as the ocean on a nice summer day. 

Flash forward to 1 month before my first exam. I started PANICKING. I couldn’t sleep at night, and when I did fall asleep, I had NIGHTMARES about the exams. I dreamt that I was late for exams, that I failed them… Every bad dream you can think of, I had… And as anyone would do and think, if your body is so stressed that is making you dream all of that, then you should take that as a sign and you should start fucking studying so that you don’t fail those damn exams. 

But nah! I just searched up on Google “How to study for my A Levels in 1 month”… Then a week of minimum study went by and at night, when I couldn’t sleep, I searched up “How to study for my A Levels in 3 weeks”… And continuously like this until it was 1 day before my first exam. 

I traveled to London Stansted Airport where I was meeting my dad who came all the way from Romania just to accompany me to these exams. Surprisingly, I was not nervous at all. Don’t ask me how, don’t ask me why… because I, myself, don’t even know to this day (3 months after my exams)

For every exam I went in, I was calm as fuck (still don’t know how), sat down, did my exam to the best of my abilities and left. And honestly, I rocked those fucking exams.

And now, to finish off this whole fucking story, the biggggg question: 

Do I recommend homeschooling? 

My answer would be: not to everybody. Now, I’m not trying to discourage anyone that is considering homeschooling as an option, but I will tell you and I will advice you to really look into it and really consider on whether you are RESPONSIBLE enough to make this decision for yourself. I think that in order to really excel on your grades through homeschooling, you NEED to be, you HAVE TO BE, extremely responsible, determined and always keep in mind that procrastination is not an option. 

You HAVE to keep distractions away from you and be determined to at least study 4-5 hours DAILY in order to keep up with all the work homeschooling implies. You will not have a teacher on top of you reminding you that you have to do your homework, that you have to finish those exercises…  YOU are your own teacher. And even though you have tutors via email and Skype if you wish to, it is still not the same. (also, btw, the teachers at OOL (Oxford Open Learning) are extremely supportive and are available at all times. So shoutout to them)

So, YES homeschooling is an option to everybody, but it should NOT be chosen by everybody. 

If you are considering Homeschooling but you want more in-depth information and all that jizz, don’t hesitate to send me a message because I will GLADLY respond to any queries you may have!! 

Have a great weekend and I will see you next week guys! 😍👋🏻

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