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April 17, 2019

Is CosmoBeauty Barcelona worth it?

Is CosmoBeauty Barcelona worth it for MUA’s?

Two days ago was the last day of the well known “CosmoBeauty Barcelona” event.

As a professional MUA, I was pretty interested on this event since everyone who is in the beauty industry in Spain and Europe goes crazy about it and I attended the event along with my father who flew all the way from Bucharest.

This event takes place in Fira Gran Vía which is on the outskirts of Barcelona. The only way to get there is by Metro, Bus or Cabify/Taxi. We personally bought a 5 day tourism card, which allows you to take any form of public transport, for 120 hours and it sells for 32$

For this event, you can get your free ticket for the three days through the website if you are a professional, although if you are not, you can still go because they do not check anything. They just scan the QR code on your ticket and that’s it. My father doesn’t have to do anything with the beauty industry and I still got a ticket for him online and there wasn’t any problem. If you decide to go last minute and buy your tickets on the Registration entrance, then you’ll have to pay 15$, so I would highly recommend getting your ticket online. 

As you enter, you have huge LED screens with the name of the event on it. As you go through, there is a red carpet and a big banner that says which way each different beauty department is, such as hair-dressing, makeup, nails, spa & wellness, etc…

I was overwhelmed and amazed at the size of everything, I didn’t expect even half of the stands that there were. It also was my first event ever, so I really didn’t know what to expect.

We went to get an overview of where everything was and so many hairdressers were amazed by my hair… I have natural curly and blonde hair, and right now it is really long.

This one guy stopped me and asked me to sit down so he could show me this new curling iron they had come out with. I myself am not really into hair products or the hair industry at all. I barely do anything to my hair because I really like to leave it as it is and not damage it at all. But I was at this event and I went with an open mind to have fun and enjoy the experience, so I sat down and let him curl a piece of my hair. I ended up with three strands of extra, artificially made curls on my hair and my father was kind enough to take pictures of this for me, so here they are 😀

So, after three consecutive days of this event, personally, do I think CosmoBeauty Barcelona is worth it for MUA’s who are only interested in makeup?

No, not at all. There aren’t many stands who show or sell makeup. The majority was about hairdressing and nails. I still really enjoyed and learnt from it because I was looking at the Live Shows some hairdressers took part of and there was this particular one which I absolutely loved.

It was Evo Fabuloso, which I believe is an Australian brand. It has amazing hair dyes which are to die for, so vibrant and so long lasting… Jules (@liloffthetop on IG) was one of the hairdressers who represented Evo. He was absolutely amazing, it was breath taking to watch him work his magic on his model and he is such a nice soul.

Over all I had a blast at the event and would definitely come back, there are also many free talks about the beauty industry and other topics which are very interesting.

But if you are a Makeup Artist who is only interested on makeup and learning about it, I would definitely not recommend attending CosmoBeauty Barcelona, because there isn’t much that you could enjoy and take knowledge out of.

I hope that you learnt something and enjoyed my first post, and I will talk to you on the next one 😉

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