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May 29, 2019
My night time skincare routine
August 29, 2019

How to: sultry and elegant brown cut crease.

Yesterday I was watching the few videos I have on my YouTube channel and first of all, I miss filming makeup videos sooooo much! When I finish exams this week I’m definitely going to start filming again because I really miss it. But second of all, my makeup skills and techniques have changed so incredibly much in a year or even less. One of my videos was a tutorial on how to create the perfect half cut-crease and I realised it has been a really long time since I’ve done a cut crease on myself and even thought that I had forgotten how to do it hahaha, but when you learn something like this is like learning how to ride a bike, once you’ve learnt you never forget it.

So I decided that for today I would do a tutorial on how to create a simple, yet very sexy and sultry eye look perfect for a date, a night out… Wherever you would want to go with it. At first this technique looks really intimidating and maybe you won’t get it right the first time, but as I always say, it’s just practice! If you really want to excel in something, you have to practice and keep trying, that’s the only way you will achieve it.

I’m going to shut up now and begin with the tutorial!

First we want to do our eyebrows and prime our lids, as always I use my Essence “You Better Work!” Eye Primer and for my brow the Morphe Brow Cream in “Biscotti” along with my eyebrow pencil from Essence as well. Once we have primed our lids, we apply the first shadow, I have to say that personally, I find that dark brown shadows look really bad on me because I am blonde, have pale skin and green eyes so it’s not the best colour for me. For this eye look I only used to eyeshadows for my overall crease and they are not too intense so they don’t look muddy on me. If you find that brown looks good on yourself then I would recommend that you go a bit darker on the shadow than me, because I’m sure it would look gorgeous on you!

So first I went in with the shade “Vixen” from the Morphe 35V palette, it is a nutmeg, dark brown colour and I applied it all over my eye, concentrating the most pigment on my crease to give a little bit of definition without going overboard with it.

Now begins the tricky part if you have never done a cut crease before. You want to get a flat brush, that is medium sized so you get more control over what you want to draw.

This type of brush is perfect for cut creases and also carving out the brows.

For the next step, we want to put a little bit of concealer on the brush and starting on the inner corner of our eyes, we want to follow our natural crease line until approximately half of our eyelid. You can draw a little bit higher than your natural crease so it is more noticeable when your eyes are open. Once we have drawn our crease up to the middle, with our fingers we want to carefully blend the edge so once we set that wet concealer, we don’t have a harsh line on where the cut crease ends.

Now that the cut crease is drawn, we want to set it with a bone-like shadow that will set the wet concealer but isn’t too light so it goes along with the brown vibe we have going on. And once our cut crease is powdered, we want to use a very fluffy blending brush with a little bit of the color “Scandal” from the Morphe 35V palette, which is a perfect transition between the bone shade and “Vixen”

Once we have finished and everything looks perfectly blended, we draw the wing (check out my previous posts to learn how to achieve the perfect winged liner) I recommend drawing a thinner eyeliner for this look because we want the cut crease to bring all the attention and have the wing as a complement to it.

Once I applied all of my base products (foundation, concealer, bronzer, brush…) I went in with “Turned On” from the Morphe 35V palette, it looks like a red clay colour but once it is blended in, it transforms into a beautiful chocolate brown colour, and I applied it on my lower lashes to give a little bit more cohesion and blend to the look.

Now for a little pop of colour, I used my Morphe Color Pencil in the colour “Harper” and applied it on my water line. I find that blue and light brown go really well together and thought that it was perfect for this look.

I applied lashes and a little bit of mascara and finished the eye-look off with some inner corner and brow bone highlight! I find that this is key to a popping eye look and makes the eyes look like they are glistening and beautiful! For the inner corner highlight I mixed two shades from the Morphe 35V palette, the rose-gold shadow called “Lust” along with a beautiful icy silver named “Knockout”. I find these two shades to be the perfect mix for a perfect inner corner highlight.

Aaaaand now, we are done! I love this look because it can be paired with any type of lipstick or lipgloss you wish to apply. I personally prefer lipgloss because it is much more comfortable for a night out or a date, but it is all definitely personal preference. A red lipstick looks absolutely gorgeous with this look as well.

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post and learnt something from it. I had so much fun doing these pictorials and I’ll keep you posted for my next YouTube tutorials because they will for sure be back 😋🥰 Have a great week and until next Wednesday guys!

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