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May 1, 2019
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May 22, 2019

How to achieve the perfect yet simple yellow makeup look

Today I met up with my best friends and when I was doing my makeup, I got really inspired from the nice, hot weather we are having right now and I decided to go for a yellow eyeshadow with a nice black wing. I had never applied yellow eyeshadow before, but I really love yellow because it suits my blonde hair perfectly and I decided that it was perfect timing since today I had to post something and I really wasn’t sure on what I wanted to post.

Let’s get started! 🙂

First, we want to draw on our brows (check out my posts to see how to achieve the perfect eyebrows) and prime the eyelids for a nice base. We want to set that wet base with a white eyeshadow so the yellow can pop out more with a white base. I personally like to set the wet primer because even though the shadow seems more pigmented because of the wetness of the base, I find that it gets patchy and is harder to work with it but it is all personal preference and I would advice you to try it out both ways yourself and then decide what you like best.

Then, we want to start to pack the eyeshadow on the outer corner, this way we ensure a better and nicer blend.

Once we have put all the intensity we want on the crease and outer portion of the eye, we want to start packing some shadow on the inner part, but softer as we don’t want the same intensity as on the crease, this way we give the look some dimension and achieve a more soft but impacting look.

To give it the last finishing touches, I added yellow eyeliner on my water line, a nice big wing (see my previous post to learn how to create the perfect wing) and put the yellow shadow on the lower lash line to make the look more cohesive, but I don’t like to give it too much intensity so it doesn’t take any attention away from the whole look.

Add some highlighter on the arch of the brow and the inner corner plus some mascare and lashes if you’d like, and you are good to go. Such a nice look for summer and it enhances the face so much.

I’ve always felt like yellow eyeshadow is so underrated when I really love it and most people can pull this look off.

I hope you guys liked this little pictorial on how to do this look and I will see you in the next one 🙂

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