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April 10, 2019
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April 24, 2019

How to achieve the perfect winged liner

Since I started uploading my makeup looks to my social media, I’ve received the same question over and over again, how do I get my wing liner to be so straight and “perfect”

I honestly have to say that it has taken me so many tries and so much practice… But that’s how you perfect everything. Today I’m going to show you how I achieve my perfect winged liner and I’m going to share my little easy to follow tips and tricks. But my biggest tip for anyone who struggles with symmetry on both eyeliners, is to practice, practice, practice…

So now, without further or do, let’s begin!! 🙂

First, we want to do the eyebrows, this will guide us on how long and low our wing should go in order to make it perfect for our eye shape. Then we prime the eyelids with concealer or your preferred product, and set it with powder so the eyeliner will last longer and not budge throughout the day.

Then, we apply the eyeshadow we want to wear. Now, when it comes to choosing the appropriate brushes for eyeliner, it always depends on the person’s preferences. I gravitate towards very thin, skinny and flexible brushes who allow you to get into the nooks and crannies of the eye. I personally use the one on the right, because it is short, thin and very flexible so it allows me to have 100% control on what I’m doing. You can find these brushes anywhere, mine personally are nail brushes, the ones that they use to make the detailing on nail art. These are perfect for eyeliner!!

This next step is very crucial to achieve the perfect winged liner for your eye shape. You are going to want to dip the brush into the gel/liquid eyeliner product, and face to a side, so you can see perfectly where the tail of your brow is. Now, you want to place a little dot in the middle of the space between the lower part of where the tail of your eyebrow ends and the end of your eye. This will serve as a guide for the tail of your wing and also a guide for your other eye. Doing this you are making sure that your wing is placed exactly where you want it to be so it looks gorgeous when you look forward.

Now you want to draw a straight line, from the dot you just drew on to where your eye ends. This way we are making sure that the eyeliner will not be too curved and it will look neat. As you can see, it doesn’t really matter if it isn’t perfect at the top, because later on when we draw the whole wing it will be filled in.

After that step is completed, you want to join that tail to your eyelid and fill in the wing, this way you can see how it looks and if you want to curve it a little bit more or less, you still can because we haven’t finished it yet and we can change it in every way we want.

Now that we are almost done, you want to keep the line going until you reach the inner part of your eye, but keep in mind that as you go towards your inner corner, you want to make the line thinner, this way it will make your eye more sleek and pulled back. If the line ends up too thick, you might feel like your eye looks smaller because the line occupies too much of your lid space. So always! be careful to not let the line get too thick all over the eye.

And we are all done with our winged liner!! Once you finish, you should have something like this. Winged liner is very forgiving in the sense that, you can always start with a very thin line and make it to your liking as you go. Remember to always start small because this way you can always thicken if you want to. But once it’s too thick, there’s not too much room to fixing it.

In this last picture you can see that I finished my eye-look with some mascara, white liner in the water line and a little bit of highlighter on the arch of my brow and on my inner corner. But this is all personal preference of course, you can finish it up however you would like!! 😉

Well this was all for today’s post!!

I hope it helped some of you out and if you still have any questions or would like me to help you with your eye shape and give you some tips and tricks, don’t hesitate on messaging me through my IG (@jacquikorwangonzalez) or my FB (Jacqui Korwan González), I’m more than pleased to answer all of your questions 🙂

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