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April 17, 2019
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How to achieve the perfect eyebrows

For a long time, I’ve had dozens of girls come to me and ask me for advice on how they should be making their eyebrows match with their eye and face shape, and it is something that I always get asked about. My brows, how I get them to be so defined and perfect, so I’m going to give you a little help with how I draw my brows on, and in a future post, I’ll show you how to draw eyebrows on when you have very little eyebrow hair on a friend of mine.

For now, let’s begin 🙂

First we need to choose the type of product and brushes we are going to use. I personally like to use a pomade or eyebrow pencil, I don’t recommend any other type of product such as powders, because they will not achieve the definition we are looking for. Here I’m using Morphe’s brow cream in the shade “Biscotti” and I’m going to be applying my pomade with any of these brushes. Angled, skinny brushes are the best type to do brows with because they are flexible and have the perfect angle to let you create a nice little arch as well as giving you full control of the process.

We want to begin by drawing the arch, as low or high as we desire. As to how much you should extend the tail, you should look at the point where your eye ends, and finish it there.

We then carry on with the top of our brow and connect it to the end of the tail.

Then we want to fill the whole brow with the pomade, as dark as you would want it to be.

Now we grab a concealer, and a flat brush to conceal the brows. I use the Born This Way Multi-Sculpting Conceal in the shade “Vanilla”

I always start by concealing from the arch to the tail, this way we can arch it as much as we want.

Then I conceal the whole brow, making it as straight as I would like that day.

When we finish blending that concealer, we then set it so our eyelids don’t crease throughout the day.

Setting the brows with a clear eyebrow gel is something really important in the process, because we don’t want our eyebrow hairs to be moving around and messing up the brows we just drew.

Aaaaaand we’re finished!! Our eyebrows are looking on fleek and we are looking fire 😉 I like to finish the look by putting a little bit of highlight on the arch of the brow bone to elevate our eye, and on the inner corner to give more depth to our eye. And a little bit of mascara will open up, lift and complete the look 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that I may have helped you on how to do your brows.

I’ll see you next week and if you have any questions or doubts, don’t hesitate on hitting me up whenever 🙂

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