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May 15, 2019
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Glowy makeup, the new trend.

Jacqui Korwan

If you are in the beauty world, you’ve heard about this for some time now… But I’ve always asked myself how realistic this type of makeup is for everyday wear and how it holds up during a whole day of running errands, working, studying… I personally have combination to normal skin, my T-Zone gets oily after a few hours no matter how much I powder my face before leaving my house, but the outer part of my face stays intact.

I see these girls on Instagram with beautiful glowing, dewy skin and I just ask myself how it’s possible to look that flawless and perfect. As we all know by now, social media is a very toxic place in the sense that it makes us believe in standards that are often not reachable for anyone and it makes a lot of people feel bad about themselves. I’ll get into this topic on one of my future posts because this should be talked about more often.

So, we’ve all seen those videos in which girls with perfect, gorgeous skin apply their makeup so graciously, with such love and gentleness… And at the end they look amazing, poreless, blemish free and flawless. But how realistic is that actually?

Let me begin by saying that this all depends on your type of skin and your makeup preferences. Someone who has smooth skin, with no large pores and no texture what so ever, is going to be able to pull that makeup thru with grace. But me however, I have some texture on my cheeks, my pores are not huge but they are visible and I have an oily T-Zone, which means that this makeup look is not for me at all. Of all the people I’ve met in my whole life, I have never and I say n e v e r met anybody who has perfectly smooth skin, and I don’t think I’ve met somebody who can pull this style of makeup off either. Am I saying they have terrible skin? No, because I don’t have perfect skin either, but it definitely is something that makes a lot of girls and boys insecure about themselves and it really shouldn’t be at all.

As someone who has been doing makeup for almost two years now, I’ve always been a fan of matte skin and a controlled glow wherever I want it to be. I get oily on my nose and centre of the forehead in like 4-5 hours of wear, so my face makeup really relies on my powder application for it to last for a long time.

What does the glowy makeup trend consist of? The essence of this technique is to barely apply any powder on your face and use very hydrating, moisturising products to achieve a glowy, naturally gleaming face. It does look good on pictures and videos, but in person at the light of the sun, I can surely say that it doesn’t look too good. It all depends on personal preference of course but it really doesn’t look that good for an everyday kind of wear. Many girls have spoken up and said that it is a pretty unrealistic makeup style as it is not wearable what so ever for most people.

Often, people who preach on this makeup style, state that they “hate” powders because it makes their faces look cakey, it settles into their fine lines and looks gross at the end of the day.

I really think that powder is just necessary in the makeup process… If you have fine lines under your eyes and you don’t set the concealer with some powder, in 15 minutes your under eyes will look like a wrinkly mess, and that always happens to people with under eye lines, it’s inevitable and powder can prevent that to an extent. If you want to apply a powder contour/bronzer/blush and you have a wet base, it will most likely look patchy and not good because it will stick to the first wet spot you put your brush into, it just works like that and there’s no going around it. I do think that, if you are experienced with makeup you can maybe pull it off and be able to blend it properly, but I’ve tried it and I just can’t make it work whereas with powder, I always get a perfect application with no patches or texture anywhere.

In my opinion, this is all just personal preference. I wanted to just weigh in and give my own opinion because I see this going around a lot and nobody ever says anything about how unrealistic this trend really is for most people.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks’ post and I will see you next week 🙂

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