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May 22, 2019
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June 12, 2019

Date night makeup look 🥰

We’ve all been in a situation in which, we are going to go out to the cinema, to go and have dinner or simply just a date night… and have no idea on what makeup we want to wear.

We don’t want to be too dramatic because it’s definitely not a really special occasion but we want to look beautiful, sexy and elegant for our date or friends.

Today, I am bringing you guys an easy and simple to follow makeup pictorial for the times in which we have no idea what type of makeup we want to wear. I love this look because you can literally pair it with which ever lipstick and clothes you want to wear, it looks good with absolutely anything. It is a water-proof and kiss-proof makeup that will last through everything and surely will keep you looking good all night long 😉 So let’s begin!

First things first, we want to prime our eye-lids and face. I am using these two by Essence, they are from their new “gym proof” line and they make the eyeshadow and base makeup last through e v e r y t h i n g. I swear by these products although I will say that the face primer does have little glitter-mica particles which I personally like because they shine through my foundation and give me a little bit of dew which I don’t mind at all. As you can see I already have my eyebrows done so, if you want to see how I achieve my perfect brows, check out my other post in which I teach you step by step how to draw them 😉

Eye premier
Face premier

Now, we want to apply foundation. Personally, in the night I prefer a more luminous foundation because it is not going to be as hot as if I was outside in the sun. I’m using the Revolution Makeup Foundation Stick in the shade “F2” for my whole face. It has amazing coverage and doesn’t feel or look heavy on the skin. Once it’s applied I like to put a bit under my eyes as concealer because the formula of this stick is so hydrating that the concealers I own look too matte in comparison with the foundation, so I just use it as a 2 in 1 😉

Once we have finished blending the face, we want to go into baking. I feel like baking is crucial if we want to make our makeup last the whole night. As I’ve said on my previous posts, I have combination skin so throughout the time my T zone does get shiny, but baking really does help me to control it. I like baking with W7’s baking powder in shade “translucent”, even though in the picture it looks like it has a lot of pigment, once it goes into the skin and blends out, it turns translucent and leaves a silky touch to the face.

Now we start to contour the face. If we are wearing makeup in the night, it is obvious that we are going to have to put a bit more product on our face if we want it to show up in darker settings. I personally bronze and contour at the same time because I just don’t feel like doing separately makes any difference on the outcome at all, but it all depends on your personal preferences. I use this palette which is the Cheekleaders Bronze Squad by Benefit (a big thank you to my friend Olga who gifted me this amazing palette which I absolutely love 😍) and I apply “Hoola” on my cheeks and then a little bit of “Hoola Caramel” on the hollows of my cheeks to give a little bit of dimension to my face.

I also like to “sharpen” my contour by having a little bit of loose powder on the sharp edge of my makeup sponge and drawing a sharp line from the start of my ear to corner of my mouth. This lifts and gives a more clean and sharp look to our contour, leaving us with a more defined face structure.

Now comes the fun part of the face, highlight and blush. I personally apply the highlighter first because I have noticed, when I apply my highlight last, it looks like a streak of shimmer on my face. But whenever I put highlight first and then my blush, it all blends together and leaves me with a much more seamless and beautiful blend. For highlight I use “Cookie” on the Cheekleader palette and for blush I applied “Coralista”, I personally am not a big fan of shimmery blushes but I have to say that ever since I started using this one, I am obsessed and will not change it for anything!!

Now we want to start on the eyeshadow. For this look I personally don’t like to go too crazy on the eyeshadow because I want to give more attention to the face makeup and the lips, but as I always say, this is all personal preference. You can tweak and make your own touches to this look however you would like. I used the Morphe 35V Stunning Vibes Artistry palette for this look, I highly suggest you to buy for literally everything. It has such a wide range of different colours and undertones, it’s perfect for a natural and simple looks as much as it is for a really intense glamorous beat.

First I applied a dark brown colour to my crease. I used colour “Vixen” although if you’d like you can also use the bronzer or contour you have, that way you can match the same shade of brown you have on your face to make it more cohesive if the brown shadows you own are of a much different undertone. I blended “vixen” all the way into the inner corner of my eye but with a very light hand because I want this look to be very subtle.

Then I went into “Scandal” which is a very brown-sandy colour, perfect to lighten up the lid and give it a more sultry look. For the shimmer I decided to use “Shameless” a beautiful buttercream-champagne colour which suits our highlighter and overall look perfectly!

As you can see in the picture, the matt shadows are barely noticeable because we don’t want them to over power our look.

Now that we are almost done, we want to apply mascara, eyebrow gel and some eyeliner to the water line. This all depends on your personal preferences. I used the Bad Gal Bang Mascara by Benefit (thank you again Olga for this amazing gift 🥰), the Essence clear eyebrow gel and for my bottom waterline I decided to use a white liner to open up the eye. Personally for a natural look it is quite important to keep the eye makeup light, so a white liner will do the perfect job on opening up our eyes and giving it a little bit of a shine. For my upper water line, I used a black liner to give my eyelashes a fuller look, although this is completely optional.

And last but now least, the lips. I love this makeup look because you can literally pair it with whichever lipstick or lipgloss you’d like. I love to wear a nude liquid lip with a gloss on top or simply a red liquid lip. They are very simple combinations but they really step up your makeup to the next level.

To finish off, we spray a little bit of setting spray to lock and melt everything into place, and we are finished!!

This is definitely one of the longest pictorials I’ve done but I feel like the explanations are necessary to achieve the look I’m trying to show you. I hope you enjoyed this makeup look and will try it out, because I had lots of fun creating and taking these pictures for today’s post. If you do recreate it or want to try and do your own creation, please make sure to tag or name me on your picture because I would really love to see your creations!!

I’ll see you next week guys 🙂

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