May 29, 2019

Date night makeup look 🥰

We’ve all been in a situation in which, we are going to go out to the cinema, to go and have dinner or simply just a date night… and have no idea on what makeup we want to wear. We don’t want to be too dramatic because it’s definitely not a really special occasion but we want to look beautiful, sexy and elegant for our date or friends. Today, I am bringing you guys an easy and simple to follow makeup pictorial for the times in which we have no idea what type of makeup we want to wear. I love this look because you can literally pair it with which ever lipstick and clothes you want to wear, it looks good with absolutely anything. It is a water-proof and kiss-proof makeup that will last through everything and surely will keep you looking good all night long 😉 So let’s begin!
May 22, 2019
Jacqui Korwan

Glowy makeup, the new trend.

If you are in the beauty world, you’ve heard about this for some time now… But I’ve always asked myself how realistic this type of makeup is for everyday wear and how it holds up during a whole day of running errands, working, studying… I personally have combination to normal skin, my T-Zone gets oily after a few hours no matter how much I powder my face before leaving my house, but the outer part of my face stays intact. I see these girls on Instagram with beautiful glowing, dewy skin and I just ask myself how it’s possible to […]
May 15, 2019

How to achieve the perfect yet simple yellow makeup look

Today I met up with my best friends and when I was doing my makeup, I got really inspired from the nice, hot weather we are having right now and I decided to go for a yellow eyeshadow with a nice black wing. I had never applied yellow eyeshadow before, but I really love yellow because it suits my blonde hair perfectly and I decided that it was perfect timing since today I had to post something and I really wasn’t sure on what I wanted to post. Let’s get started! 🙂 First, we want to draw on our brows […]
May 1, 2019

What foundation should I use for my type of skin?

A few days ago, a girl from my Instagram asked me if I could help her out on choosing a foundation that would suit her type of skin and since then I can’t help but think of all the girls out there who don’t want to spend their money on products that they are not certain are going to work for them. When I first started to get into makeup, I started watching YouTube videos and I would see all these different types of influencers and they would all have perfect skin with a beautiful natural glow to it and […]